Japanese hotstone massage

Japanse hotstone massage

hete bron in Japan

What is Japanese hotstone massage?

Japan is a land formed from volcanic activity and there are thousands of hot springs. Black basalt and other volcanic rocks are found in the volcanic springs, and over many, many years they are both heated and smoothed by the flow of water. These stones are traditionally used to massage tense, painful areas, to provide comforting warmth and help relax and promote the flow of Qi (life energy).

Japanese hotstone therapy combines massage with ancient means of deep muscle treatment (hotstones).

It is much more than placing hotstones on, or sliding these over the body, as usual in a normal hotstone massage.

Japanese massage is based on ANMA, the oldest form of East Asian Massage. It has been developed over 7000 years ago. It consists of rubbing, rotation, kneading and stretching, aimed at the improvement of the condition of the muscles, and the flow of Qi or life energy. Japanese hotstone massage uses heated stones in these techniques, making it much more effective.

Also acupressure points are treated. Because of the heat of the stones,  the treatment has a much deeper effect than conventional acupressure.

What is the effect of Japanese hotstone massage?

Japanese hotstone can be gentle, calming and warming to relieve stress, or it can be deep and penetrating in order to reduce back, neck and shoulder tension and pain.

It reduces stress caused by modern lifestyle and work. By bringing Qi (life energy) in balance health is restored and enhanced.

Japanese hotstone therapy has profound physiological effects as the warmth encourages very deep relaxation, and has a calming effect on the client’s mind. They say that one massage stroke performed with the stones is the same as three done with the hand! It is a powerful treatment.

Japanese hot stone massage is great for:

• tensions
• muscle problems
• digestive problems
• joint isseus
• headache
• neck and back pain
• nerve pain (no inflammation)
• fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis (not in an inflamation phase)

Japanese Hotstone massage in Utrecht

Praktijk Griftpark is a physical therapy practice situated in the centre of Utrecht. The practice has a focus on (Oriental) massage techniques. Apart from physiotherapy we offer Japanese hotstone massage.

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