Praktijk Griftpark

Praktijk Griftpark is situated in the centre of Utrecht. The practice has a focus on (Oriental) massage techniques. Apart from physiotherapy, we also offer shiatsu therapy and Japanese hotstone massage.

We treat most conditions for physiotherapy. To give maximum personal attention we always work in an “one on one setting.”. We don´t use fitness equipment or physiotherapy devices, but rather use methods based on a natural way of moving. The client learns to become aware of his or her body movement paterns and the effects of changing these.


In Praktijk Griftpark massage is an important part of the physiotherapy treatment. We are gratefully using a wide range of insights and techniques from various forms of massage. We work exclusively with 100% natural massage oils. Our oils have strong therapeutic benefits.

Mobilizing Awareness®

The Mobilizing Awareness method, developed by the Canadian physiotherapist Servaas Mes, is another important part of our physiotherapy treatment. It’s an easy, thoughtful and pain-free treatment method.  It directly addresses the root cause of most chronic muscular pain: the brain and the way in which it senses and controls the muscles and movement.  It not only teaches you exercises to retrain your brain, but also teaches you to be aware of how stress affects your body and what your body’s postural adaptation and habits are.

A movement pattern can be disrupted due to pain, stress or injuries. By gentle exercises, your body is reminded of the way it could move in your early childhood.

Your movement pattern is as it were “reset”, or put back to its natural, free and painless way of moving.

You will immediately experience the effect of this change on the treatment table and when sitting, standing and walking. Then you learn a short series of simple exercises, the Daily Cat Stretch , as a daily reminder for your brain to a smooth relaxed way of moving.

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